Web Applications For Health Sector

We excel at providing custom apps for the companies dealing in health care industry making it easy for the organizations to maintain the patient records and patients to seek consultation from their place. The app is a one stop solution for health care professionals, intermediaries like hospital administration and pharmacies.

Our expert team has great experience and expertise due to which we are able to design the best apps which are compliant with EPCS, HL7, HIPPA etc.

How we make healthcare apps effective?

1. Electronic health record

We develop electronic record system which can keep information of the treatment of patients and their case details. This feature basically focuses on easy integration and usability of the existing system of the hospital. These records are very helpful materials at the time of emergency.

2. mPrescription

3. Process management

we build several apps which manage the processes occurring inside the hospitals. We design apps which keep the track of appointments, checking of patients and daily hospital schedules.

4. Medical insurance claim

We work with experienced agents which help us in keeping the track of insurance claim. Our apps keep the insurance providers and users connected with each other. Using our apps, the user can fetch details of the insurance policy and their benefits.

5. Patient gateway

We use different software and APIs using which the hospital management can access the complete information of any of the patient at any time. This information may include details from health to bills.

6. Laboratory management

Our company understands the challenges faced during the operations, which is why we create customized apps which can keep information of the materials present in labs, the size of the lab upcoming needs in lab.

7. Lifecycle tracking

We create apps which can be used by individuals for tracking and monitoring their regular physical activities. The apps are made in both wearable and mobile versions, which bring a huge change in the health of the person who uses this app.