Web Applications

We hold excellence in designing impeccable web applications for the education sector which are attractive, user-friendly and provide all the essential information to the users. Our team of professionals also provides user interactive visual learning programs. Thus students get a chance to learn various aspects of different subjects in an efficient manner. There is a separate access for parents as well where they can keep an eye on their wards’ progress.

How our services can be beneficial for you?

Our team of experts is also known to design various full length test papers for students who are appearing in different academic examinations. This will give them an opportunity to complete various mock test papers before appearing for the proper examination. We also provide analysis to students about their mock test results on a regular basis this will make them to track their daily, weekly and monthly progress.

We are also known to provide feature of application chatting, through which students can chat to their teachers and sort out their queries instantly. Thus, students don’t have to waste much of their time and they can get good grip on every other subject.

Great student panels

While designing the application we also include a student panels which is interactive and user-friendly. This feature will guide a student about how to do proper registration to create their profile. The panel is user friendly which will make a student to fill in his or her credentials in an efficient manner. The students can also easily recover the password in case they forget it.

The students can also order study material through these apps and track their shipments in real time when they purchase hard notes or a book related to a particular subject or topic. This feature is very essential as it provides aid in gaining confidence of students.

Interactive panel for admin

A panel of educational admin is also included. Thus, professionals can easily add or delete a theme. Through our services, admin can easily add or delete content from the mobile application. Our services also provide aid to admin in properly regulating the statistics related to total payment done by students, top trending courses and total sessions allotted for a specific topic.