Mobile Application (Android and Ios)

Enterprises nowadays are integrating wireless solutions and mobiles in their business processes for improving the performance for reaching their customers easily. Our mobile application development team focuses on providing android application services, HTML5 services, ios application services and windows mobile services.

1. Android application development

android is operating system which is based on Linux with vast java library which provides a lot of features and has huge scope in development of android application. These services are provided with both friendly and advanced modes which gives amazing services to users. We develop android application using API Framework and software development kit and also the authoritative java language.

Our services for mobile application include development of game application, android application, enterprise application, multimedia application, web based application, communication application, security applications, location based applications, migration services, utility applications, maintenance, upgrade and testing applications.

2. HTML5 Development

HTML5 is revised version of HTML which is mingled with JavaScript API and CSS3. It is very important because it dramatically changes the web content. HTML5 reduces the effort and cost of creating mobile application and media related application. It supports all mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobiles and Google Android. Our native work is to reduce the application development costs. Our service of HTML Development includes development of HTML based web applications, iPad applications, web applications, web services, iPad conversions, game development, etc.

3. iOS Application Development

The most innovative operating system developed by company Apple is iOS which runs on iPad Touch, iPhone and iPad. The development of iOS is becoming a strong career option for application developers. They provide high potential to mobile services. The iOS can work in any field of the graphics designed for phone and for data management and all other types of business needs. These operating systems are both affordable and useful. Our professional iOS developers customize the iPad and iPhone according to trend. Our services of iOS application include development of iPhone application, iPad application, iPhone web and iPad web.

4. Windows Mobile Development

Windows applications developed by us consist of applications of mobiles like on-board PC, Centers of Portable Media, Pocket PC and Smart phones. The windows are developed creatively for many of the businesses needs according to their requirement. Our windows developers maintain the cost effectiveness and flexibility of mobile applications. The services of Windows applications for mobile include enterprise applications, location applications, game applications, networking applications, Bluetooth applications, finance applications, business application, asset trackers, stand-alone features, etc.