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Digital Marketing & Event Management

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming the trend by now days. Every business small or big desires that their brand name is always on the top of their competitors. But it only happens when you engage with right people whether it should be online or offline. Today becoming a liken brand is not easy as there were many brands is already out in the market. That’s why “Hum Hain Na” starts this operational program to help those surviving brands to establish their position in the market where several other brands are doing good.

We promote the brand through both online and offline. In online branding, we promote the brand over internet through social media and by providing various offers and other things. But as per offline branding, we help the brand by giving advertisement to each and every source of means of communication.

Event Management

Event Management is just two word phrase but contains meaningful sense that managing event which is a big deal for anyone. But working as, event manager for event is itself that all big and small things depends on you. Where everyone is enjoying the party then you are working as a event manager it becomes so creepy sometimes. So, don’t spoil your mood in managing all this, just call ”Hum Hain Na”, we provide you full solutions throughout your successful completion of your event.

Working as event organizer we have successfully completed wide range of events in Lucknow as well as outside Lucknow. We have direct contact with various decorations service provider, catering services and other service providers. As the name itself says “Hum hain na” it means a lot and we feel very honor in serving our clients as best as it can be.