Bulk SMS Service

In today’s fast moving and ever changing world of online marketing, it is very essential to get to more and more customers. With our bulk SMS servicing you can attain that goal in a very short amount of time frame and will be able to cash in great profits. With the aid of our services, you will be able to maintain greater connectivity with your customers as you will be able to promote your new products and services directly to them.

SMS Attachments

Our SMS attachment services will give you an opportunity to attach PDF files, spread-sheet, images and word documents. This process will make your SMS more interactive in nature. Through our attachment services you will have 5 times more chances to attract a customer than via. e-mail.

Furthermore, we also provide opportunity to attach brochures to your SMS. This technique is considered cost effective in comparison to traditional marketing technique thus they will make your marketing technique more cost efficient.

Mobile Solution

We provide this technique with which you will be able to provide discounted vouchers, tickets and survey forms to the customers via mobile phone. This process is very effective to target a specific audience. Our service also provides you an opportunity to present a loyalty card straight to your customers’ mobile phone.

APIs For Smart Messaging Services

Our present technique will aid your business organization to send as well as receive bulk SMS from various platforms. We also provide intelligent gateway and genuine operator connectivity platform. Experts of our organization also keep in touch with you around the clock and provide customized, technical service when in need. Through this process you will also be able to control scheduled messaging services. You will also be able to keep a genuine record about how many SMS as well as MMS you have send during your marketing campaign.

Tracking Of Metrics

Our application also provides you an opportunity to track insights about campaign, customers and you will also get a chance to place short links. You will be able to look at the total number of people who have clicked on web links which are provided by your company. Thus, you will be able to predict your success rate or can change your promotional strategy for future. Through our text-local feature, you will be able to make your URL small which will make your text SMS look more presentable to a customer.